Sun protection screen for sliding windows - Slidefix

Sun protection screen for sliding windows - Slidefix
Sun protection screen for sliding windows - Slidefix

Sun protection screen for sliding windows - Slidefix

Large panes of glass, sliding doors, and corner windows are in. Slidefix provides the ideal solution in such circumstances, offering the first lateral sliding sun protection screen. This type of sun protection screen slides open automatically in the same direction as the window. This way, a sliding (corner) window remains perfectly operational for outdoor access, even with sun protection. The Slidefix can also be combined with other screens from the RENSON range.

Convenient outdoor sun protection screen for sliding (corner) windows

A sliding window allows plenty of natural sunlight into your home and softens the division between indoors and out. The Slidefix is the unique solution for sliding windows to protect your home from excessive sunlight. Slidefix is also ideal for sliding corner windows, and allows you to access easily the outside.

Discreetly integrated into the outside wall

Both the box and the guides used for Slidefix are discretely integrated into the shell of the building. Thanks to RENSON’s ‘Connect&Go’ technology it remains easy to assemble or disassemble the fabric roller and motor. The lower guide is integrated at floor level, ensuring easy operation. The side bar is hidden within the box once the sun protection screen is fully opened.

Makkelijk onderhoud en perfecte waterafvoer

De onderste geleider van de Slidefix is eenvoudig open te klikken voor het verwijderen van eventueel vuil zoals bladeren of stof. Eenmaal geopend kan je de geleider makkelijk reinigen met behulp van een stofzuiger of door te spoelen met water. De onderste geleider is voorzien van een efficiënt waterafvoersysteem dat het regenwater afvoert naar een grindbed, een aquadrain of een afvoerbuis.

Easy maintenance and perfect water drainage

The lower guide in the Slidefix is easy to click open in order to remove any debris, such as leaves or dust. Once it is open, the guide can be cleaned easily using a vacuum cleaner or by rinsing with water. The lower guide is equipped with an efficient water drainage system that drains water off to a gravel bed, an aquadrain, or a drainpipe.

Unique solution for sliding windows up to 8 metres wide

The maximum dimensions for a single Slidefix reach up to 3 metres high and up to 4 metres wide. A double configuration may be used for wider sliding windows measuring up to 8 metres. The Slidefix can also be installed in corner configurations and is the ideal sun protection system for (sliding) corner windows. The Slidefix is fitted with polyester fabrics that offer a high sun protection factor. These fabrics are available in various colours.

  • Slidefix in single configuration up to 12 m²
  • Slidefix in double configuration up to 24  m<sup>2</sup>
  • Slidefix in corner configuration up to 24 m<sup>2</sup>
  • Slidefix with aquadrain
  • Slidefix with gravel bed
  • Slidefix with drainpipe

Comfort - Easy, silent operation.

Controlling your screens is comfortable and easy

You have multiple options for controlling your screens. You can opt for a simple control switch or remote control, or you can allow the screens to operate automatically if it becomes too sunny or windy.

You can also control the Slidefix using a smartphone, tablet, PC, or even fully automate it based on pre-programmed times using the Somfy Tahoma interface. This way, the operation of the sun protection is entirely aligned with your living needs.

Incredibly smooth, silent operation

Thanks to RENSON’s ‘Smooth Technology’, the Slidefix’s zipper operates incredibly smoothly and silently in the inner rails. The unique wear-resistant layer in the inner rails means that the operation of your screens is highly durable.

Colour options in aluminium

The visible parts of the aluminium sun protection screens (box, bottom rail and side channels) and structural sun protection (profiles, blades) are available in anodised aluminium or in all standard RAL colours.
A selection* of the most trendy colours: