External roller blinds - Fixscreen®

About external roller blinds

The Fixscreen® was developed by RENSON® Sunprotection-Screens and is the first external roller blind in the world that is truly wind tight. Thanks to an ingenious zip system, the fabric is wind tight in every position and can be insect-proof in the closed position. It is a simple principle by which the sun-protecting fabric has a special trim with a symmetrical zip which holds the entire structure firmly in the two side channels.


RENSON® sets the bar high in terms of design. With a wide choice of colours for the fabric and aluminium parts, a discrete integration into your wall, and a smooth wrinkle-free fabric, the external roller blind forms an integral part of your home.


An external roller blind not only ensures a comfortable indoor climate in your home but also prevents annoying reflections or glare. For extra comfort yourexternal roller blinds can be fully automated, so the system always ensures optimum temperature even when you are not home.


The updated guidance system (Smooth technology) allows for an even better wind resistance and an extremely smooth operation of your external roller blind. Thanks to a perfect installation by an authorised dealer and the best warranty on the market, you can enjoy many years of your sun protection without worry.


This external roller blind offers the best in quality, design and easy installation
The Fixscreen® Technology ensures that this screen
is windproof in any position. Flapping and torn fabrics are now a thing of the past. The new aluminium endcaps provide extra stability and can be coated in the same colour as the profiles.

Fixscreen® Mono AKEVO

The external roller blind with Fixscreen® Technology is integrated into the architecture of your home. In this way it offers greater added value. This sun protection screen helps to create a healthy indoor climate in your home with added visual and thermal value and extra acoustic comfort.

Fixvent® Mono AKEVO

The Fixvent® Mono AKEVO in addition to sun protection also provides
ventilation with the windows closed and is draught-free due to a self-regulating flap that inhibits the wind. Due to the Fixscreen® Technology, it is windproof in every position, with wind speeds up to and including 130 km/h. When closed, the screen can also be used as a mosquito net.

Stylish finish with a focus on design

The look of the box, the side channels and the bottom rail define the look of your Fixscreen®. They are made of aluminium profiles and are available in all RAL colours. This ensures perfect integration with your exterior joinery and façade. Match the colour of your external roller blind with the style of your façade.

For the installation of the box you have various options.
For new builds or for major renovations the Fixscreen®EVO can be integrated. When it is not possible to build in the box, you can choose between two types of finish for the box:

  • Square design with a minimalistic appearance
  • Softline design with a slight curve in the profile

In addition, the bottom rail disappears completely into the box. In this way, you can enjoy your glass surface to a maximum.

  • Kast softline design (Fixscreen<sup>®</sup> 150EVO)
  • Kast squarline design (Fixscreen<sup>®</sup> 150EVO)
  • Voorbouw voor het raam
  • Inbouw voor het raam
  • Opbouw op het raam
  • Fixscreen-technologie

A versatile solution

The Fixscreen®EVO external roller blind is an option for a window surface to a maximum of 22 m², while maintaining a smooth fabric due to the windproof Fixscreen® technology. You only need to take into account a maximum height or width of 6 m. The Fixscreen®EVO is additionally insect repellent when closed. This allows you to ventilate your house intensively without annoying insects invading it.

RENSON® optimises its products in order to continuously raise comfort, look and
durability to a higher level Pressure tests, wind tests and test weather resistance
guarantee the quality of RENSON® Fixscreen®EVO.
The Fixscreen® Technology in combination with the Smooth® Technology result
in extreme wind resistance. Thanks to the ingenious zip system the fabric is
windproof in any position. Due to the edging the symmetrical zip is positioned
on both sides fully firmly embedded in the zip guides. Due to the edging the symmetrical zip is positioned on both sides fully firmly embedded in the zip guides.
Testing, under the observation of an independent testing laboratory has shown that the Fixscreen®EVO is resistant against a wind speed of up to 130 km/h in a closed position. This corresponds to a 12 Beaufort hurricane. This proves that the Fixscreenn®EVO is one of the most resistant sun protection screens.

Your investment pays off for years

All the materials used are of high quality.
You enjoy many carefree years with your sun protection screens. RENSON® guarantees:

  • 5 year guarantee on all defects arising from normal use and maintenance
  • 7 year guarantee on the Fixscreen® Technology*
  • 10 year guarantee on the paintwork of the aluminium parts

Comfort - Easy and quiet operation.

Operation of your sun protection screen is easy and comfortable

You have multiple options for the operation of your sun protection screen. You can opt for a simple operation using the switch or you can allow the operation of the sun protection screen to run automatically depending on the sun or wind intensity.
With Somfy® Tahoma interface you can also operate the Fixscreen®EVO via Smartphone, tablet, PC or even fully automated with pre-programmed times. So the operation of the sun protection screen is completely attuned to tailored to the needs of your home.

Extremely smooth and quiet operation

Due to the ‘Smooth Technology’ of RENSON® Fixscreen®EVO the zipper operates extremely smoothly and quietly in the zipper guides. The unique wear-resistant layer in the zipper guides makes the operation of your sun protection screen extra durable.

Colour options in aluminium

The visible parts of the aluminium sun protection screens (box, bottom rail and side channels) and structural sun protection (profiles, blades) are available in anodised aluminium or in all standard RAL colours.
A selection* of the most trendy colours:

A selection of the most trendy colours:

Bel 9010
Eur 9010
Mat 7016
Mat 7021
Mat 7039
Mat 8019
Mat 9001
Mat 9005
Mat 9006
Mat 9007
Mat 9010
Mat 9016
Ral 7016
Ral 7021
Ral 7030
Ral 7035
Ral 7039
Ral 8019
Ral 9001
Ral 9005
Ral 9007
Ral 9016
Ryd 7M16
Ryd 7M21

Architect selection


Here you can find some of our glass fibre fabrics. Our partners will help you further for your choice of fabric and colour.