Our history

More than 100 years of experience.

Creation of added value in the past, present and future.

RENSON® bases its skill on a century of dedication. Dedication means a continuous concern for people with changing needs but with one common goal: to live in a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The requirements of designers, architects and residents are the enduring concerns of the RENSON® company. 

“RENSON bases its skill on a century of dedication.”

In 1909, Polydore RENSON® started commercial construction activities in Belgium. This was followed in 1919 by the official founding of the RENSON® company.

Factory photo from the early years of RENSON®, with its first employees.
The first and second generations: Polydore RENSON (seated) and son Georges (standing - centre of photo).
The Georges RENSON family. Georges RENSON, seated, second from right. Top left, son Jan RENSON, third-generation RENSON company director and father of the current CEO, Paul RENSON.

First generation: Mr Polydore Renson as Managing Director


Recession strikes. The oil crisis hits us. We use energy sparingly. Self-regulating energy and draught control.


Our planet is filling up with people. The Kyoto Protocol is a necessary and global commitment to reducing energy consumption. RENSON® launches a second generation of ventilation systems: ventilation on demand.

Visual comfort

But we’re used to comfort, and design is important. Façade cladding from RENSON® 
We want large glass areas and views to our gardens and terraces. Structural sunprotection

Light comfort

In the evening, we return to the cocoon of our home. Horizontal & vertical black-out fabric sunscreens.

Acoustic comfort

The number of vehicles on the roads increases; aircraft fly over; high-speed trains race by. Population density continues to grow. We keep the noise out with acoustic solutions.

Living comfort

RENSON® strives constantly to find better solutions for thermal, acoustic, ventilation and visual comfort.
RENSON® provides a professional response to the living needs of today, while endeavouring to take account of those of tomorrow.
We offer automated solutions for more comfort, safety and energy savings in your home.